Benefits of using the ZEBSOFT® Platform

A Combined Approach

Cloud-Based Audit, QMS, GRC, Document, Asset, InfoSec, Risk, Contingency Management Software

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A system that will add value to any business, that can be seen at all levels of operation.

A compliance tool such as ZEBSOFT® may not be seen by all in the organisation for its true value, here we discuss the areas of business where the platform will bring about true benefit in the form of efficiency, control & profitability.

Reduced resource for forms:

Have you ever considered the logistics of using something like a paper form?

  • We set the form to print, we find the printer is low on ink, we find the paper tray is empty, we go and find the paper and the ink, we refill the printer, we wait for the form to print, we collate the document.
  • Now we need to issue the document but first we must find a clip board.
  • We ask someone to use the form to record important information and hope it returns to us for analysis, then finally we file it or scan it possibly never to be seen again!
  • This doesn’t happen with ZEBSOFT® the approved form is available to the person that needs it, when completed you are told the result and its fast, secure, clean and environmentally friendly.

Effective & accurate communication:

Chat platforms have introduced choices in how we communicate with each other, the question is does this help us run a business effectively?

  • How many platforms are in use and who using which to communicate and with whom, its doubtful management knows what is being used.
  • How is information being shared and what are the security aspects of using social media platforms to communicate your intellectual rights.
  • How do you control what happens to the information if a person leaves your employ, do you have any rights over their social media account.
  • This doesn’t happen with ZEBSOFT® important business communication is tied to the subject matter and controlled by the business.

Reduced down time:

Equipment fails, preventative maintenance slows this process, when was the last time something failed that didn’t need to?

  • A busy environment generates activity, then we start to hear “I’m too busy” or “I forgot”.
  • We give one person the responsibility but there are too many items to control.
  • We don’t give access to information & records so people don’t know the status of their equipment.
  • The job stops for a reason that could have been avoided.
  • This doesn’t happen with ZEBSOFT® Notifications are sent those responsible. Equipment records can be seen by all, equipment needs can be fed upstream by tasks to notify the appropriate people that something needs to be done or ordered. Processes do not need to fail because of equipment.

Less time spent on audits:

A necessary evil or an essential method of improvement?

  • This doesn’t happen with ZEBSOFT®

Reduced exposure to litigation:

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to

Project management:

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to c

Reduced exposure to litigation:

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to create detailed templates.
  • All documents are accessible via a searchable, sortable list.
  • Zebsoft can be used to manage externally controlled documents, including:
    • Certificates
    • Contracts
    • Licences
  • Record issue dates, expiry dates and additional notes associated with externally controlled documents.
  • Limit document visibility and accessibility based on:
    • User permissions
    • User base location
    • User operational locations
  • Documents retain visible unapproved status until approved by authorised admin users.

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