How do you conduct the demo?

Video conference

We conduct demos remotely via all popular video conference interfaces. ZOOM, Teams, Skype, CISCO Webex. Etc.

Length of the Demo

How much time do I need to set aside?

As long as you need

A basic demo to one person often takes 30-40 minutes.  A group presentation of the full system, with questions could take 2 hours.

Post Demo

What happens after the demo?

take time to think

We will contact you in 7-10 days to obtain feedback and assist with any further questions you may have.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

Risk management has become the essential business development tool, to understand strategic and operational threats.

The reduction of negative events & incidents is not the responsibility of the compliance team alone.

The ZEBSOFT platform provides end users with intuitive, easy to use Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software. ZEBSOFT is both informative & interactive, helping end users to understand risk & enabling them to reduce negative impact. With ZEBSOFT all users become part of the compliance team, driving fact based decision making.

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