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ENTERPRISE User Roles: Definitions & Pricing

Enterprise as our flagship product has tiered pricing, Included in the set up Is: The import of your – Sites – Job Roles – System Users £1200 + VAT One Off Cost


Cost £100 Per Month *1 Minimum

The super administrator is the role given to the person or persons with overall system responsibility. This role has the ability to control all users & undo user mistakes

manage organisational roles and responsibilities


Cost £60 Per Month Optional

The administrator is the role given to people of seniority i.e. “C” Level / “UK” Director Level. This role is similar to the Super Admin but does not have the undo functionality.


Cost £30 Per Month Optional

Super Users are people at managerial level who will have the ability to create and edit within the system.


Cost £15 Per Month Optional

Power users are people of competent / supervisor level

Improve internal communication


Cost £5 Per Month *10 Minimum

Users are the ground level within the system. Users are able to input feedback, view their processes & Documents

ZEBSOFT GRC Software | Risk management software


Cost £0 Per Month

The auditor role is appended to a user role, any level above basic user can have the auditor role.