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Learn how to simplify and link all your asset activities with our maintenance, monitoring & calibration mangement platform. Providing for the needs of any business large or small.

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Asset register & management

Asset Management is the control & maintenance of assets an essential activity for business continuity, our enterprise asset platform enable complete control & visibility of all tangible & intangible assets with infinite drill down possibilities.

Create a comprehensive asset record

  • Current status
  • Linking of Risks, Processes, People & Suppliers
  • Unique IDs
  • Producer / Manufacturer
  • Types
  • Locations
  • Purposes
  • Brought into service dates
  • Lifespans
  • Disposal date and instructions
  • Condition monitoring photos
  • Responsible person
  • Allocation of other equipment
  • Usage instructions
  • Important Notes
Equipment and asset management

Asset records contain a complete historical activity log

  • Log activity related to specific entries within the asset management register.
  • Multiple types of asset management activity can be recorded, including:
    • Maintenance (internal and external)
    • Inspection (internal and external)
    • Calibration (internal and external)
    • Testing (internal and external)
  • Equipment/asset management specific activity records include:
    • Assignee
    • Date performed and next date
    • Result and equipment status
    • Notes and attachments
  • The asset management activity planner can be used to see a summary of scheduled maintenance, inspection, calibration and testing activities, including passed, failed, missed and next activities.
  • The asset management activity planner can be filtered by manufacturer and activity type.
Equipment management with activity logs for maintenance, testing, calibration and testing

Associate assets

  • Suppliers of products & services
  • Processes in which they are used
  • Risks specific to them
Asset and risk management

Asset management activity planning

  • See asset status easily
  • A direct route to the asset record
  • View planned activities up to 3 years ahead
  • Create assets groups and drill down through many levels
Asset and equipment planning

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