**ZEBSOFT Reseller: A Comprehensive Overview** A ZEBSOFT reseller is an individual or a business entity that has entered into a formal agreement with ZEBSOFT to promote, sell, and distribute the ZEBSOFT GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform to potential clients in specified regions or sectors. These resellers play a crucial role in expanding ZEBSOFT's market reach and customer base. Below is a detailed description of a ZEBSOFT reseller: **1. Role and Responsibilities:** - **Sales and Marketing:** A ZEBSOFT reseller actively markets and sells the ZEBSOFT GRC platform to prospective clients. This includes presentations, product demonstrations, and negotiations. - **Client Support:** They assist clients in understanding the platform, offering necessary training, and providing post-sales support to ensure maximum client satisfaction. - **Feedback Loop:** Resellers often act as a bridge between the end-users and ZEBSOFT, collecting feedback and suggesting improvements or new features based on market needs. **2. Benefits and Incentives:** - **Financial Rewards:** Resellers earn a considerable percentage of the initial sale and then a recurring income in the subsequent years, making it a lucrative venture. - **White Labeling:** ZEBSOFT provides an opportunity for resellers to offer a white-labeled version of the platform, allowing for brand customization and a personalized client experience. - **Continuous Training:** ZEBSOFT ensures its resellers are always equipped with the latest product knowledge and sales techniques through regular training sessions. **3. Profile and Skills:** - **Industry Knowledge:** A ZEBSOFT reseller typically has a strong understanding of the GRC domain and the unique challenges businesses face in this area. - **Sales Acumen:** Being a reseller demands robust sales skills, including lead generation, client engagement, and closing deals. - **Technical Prowess:** A basic understanding of the platform's technical aspects helps resellers provide better support and address client queries effectively. **4. Support System:** - **Marketing Materials:** ZEBSOFT often provides its resellers with marketing collaterals, such as brochures, banners, and digital assets, to assist in their promotional efforts. - **Dedicated Support:** Resellers receive constant backing from ZEBSOFT in the form of technical assistance, sales strategies, and any other required support. **5. Commitment to Growth:** A ZEBSOFT reseller is not just a sales agent but a growth partner. They are committed to not only expanding their business but also furthering ZEBSOFT's vision and reach in the market. In summary, a ZEBSOFT reseller is a vital cog in the company's growth strategy, serving as a local ambassador for the brand, helping businesses navigate the complexities of GRC, and ensuring clients derive maximum value from the platform. By aligning themselves with ZEBSOFT, resellers benefit from a lucrative financial model, comprehensive support, and the prestige of being associated with a leading name in the GRC space.

Become a Reseller Partner

ZEBSOFT resellers’ a recipe for success.

Reseller Partners:

As a reseller partner you will provide a full service offering for your customers, we will provide you agreed buy rates for our products and a contracted geographic sales territory. You will handle all aspects of the customer process from demonstration to onboarding and beyond with customer liaison on an on going basis.

Referral Partners:

As a referral partner you will generate and pass leads to us in return for commission payments. Usually, a percentage of revenue from the customer, most frequently for the first few months of the customer’s contract, but this can extend subject to agreed targets.

ZEBSOFT reseller

Why You Should Consider Joining ZEBSOFT as a Reseller: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses everywhere are seeking robust tools to help them navigate the complexities of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). ZEBSOFT’s GRC platform has emerged as a leading solution in this space, delivering unparalleled value to companies around the world. Recognizing the untapped potential in various markets, ZEBSOFT is currently seeking global resellers, presenting a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Here are some compelling benefits of joining ZEBSOFT as a reseller:

Lucrative Financial Model:

ZEBSOFT offers an attractive revenue-sharing model. Resellers can earn a significant percentage of the first year’s income from a client, followed by a steady recurring income in the subsequent years. This model ensures immediate financial gains, along with long-term passive income.

Superior Product Offering:

By reselling ZEBSOFT’s GRC platform, you’re associating with a world-class product that addresses modern digital demands. Offering a proven solution to your clients can make the sales process more seamless and compelling.

White Label Opportunity:

One of the standout offerings of ZEBSOFT is the possibility of a white label version of their platform. This means that resellers can offer the platform under their brand, allowing for more significant market penetration and a personalized touch, increasing client trust and loyalty.

Broad Market Potential:

Every business, irrespective of size or sector, needs effective GRC solutions. This universal need ensures a vast market, enabling resellers to target various industries and company sizes.

Comprehensive Support and Training:

ZEBSOFT is committed to the success of its resellers. Comprehensive training is provided to make sure you’re well-informed about the product. Continuous support ensures you can manage client queries and technical issues efficiently.

Branding Benefits:

Partnering with an industry leader like ZEBSOFT can significantly elevate your brand’s reputation. Being a ZEBSOFT reseller can bolster your credibility in your local market.

Minimal Initial Investment:

Unlike traditional ventures that demand substantial initial investments, becoming a ZEBSOFT reseller requires minimal capital. With ZEBSOFT’s dedication to mutual benefit, most necessary resources are provided by the company.

Expand Your Service Offering:

For businesses already offering IT or consultancy services, adding ZEBSOFT’s GRC platform to your portfolio can enrich your service offerings and present additional value to your existing clientele.

Regular Product Updates:

ZEBSOFT is devoted to innovation. As a reseller, you can be confident in presenting a product that’s frequently updated with the latest features, ensuring clients always access the best tools available.

The ZEBSOFT reseller opportunity is not merely a business venture; it’s an alignment with a leader in the GRC domain. This partnership promises financial returns, growth, and prestige. With the digital realm continually expanding, now is the ideal moment to capitalize on this golden opportunity.

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or a forward-thinking business entity aiming for unmatched growth and success, your search ends here. Join the ZEBSOFT family as a reseller and embark on a journey of GRC excellence.

ZEBSOFT GRC Software reseller program


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