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QuickSight allows everyone in your organization to understand your data by asking questions in natural language, exploring through interactive dashboards, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine learning.


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  • Asset Management
  • Audit Management

  • Contingency Management

  • Document Control & Signing

  • Reporting & Feedback Management

  • Risk Management

  • Process Management

  • GDPR Data Protection

  • Statement of Applicability


ZEBSOFT Compliance Platform: Functionality, Features, and Benefits

Auditing Functions

Audit Programme

  • Features: Develop and manage comprehensive audit programmes.
  • Benefits: Streamline audit planning and execution, ensuring thorough and systematic compliance checks.

Audit & CAPA Results

  • Features: Track Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and audit outcomes.
  • Benefits: Identify areas for improvement and ensure corrective actions are implemented effectively.

Checklists and Management

  • Features: Utilize and manage pre-defined and custom checklists.
  • Benefits: Enhance consistency and thoroughness in audits and inspections.

CAPA / Nonconformance

  • Features: Identify nonconformances and implement CAPA procedures.
  • Benefits: Address and resolve compliance issues promptly to maintain standards.

Training and Competency

  • Features: Track training progress and assess competencies to ensure compliance.
  • Benefits: Ensure employees are adequately trained and competent in their roles, reducing compliance risks.

Risk Management

Risk Identification and Treatment

  • Features: Recognize and document all organizational risks and develop treatment plans.
  • Benefits: Proactively manage risks and mitigate potential impacts on the organization.

Holistic Risk View

  • Features: Visualize how risks interact within the organization for comprehensive management.
  • Benefits: Gain a complete understanding of risk interdependencies and improve risk mitigation strategies.

Contingency Plans

  • Features: Prepare for unexpected events with robust contingency planning.
  • Benefits: Enhance organizational resilience and readiness for emergencies.

Environmental Aspects and Compliance

  • Features: Manage environmental risks and ensure compliance with standards like GHS/COSHH.
  • Benefits: Protect the environment and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Risk Register and Management of Change

  • Features: Maintain a dynamic risk register and assess impacts of changes with a 360-degree view.
  • Benefits: Keep track of risks and manage changes effectively to minimize disruptions.

Change Management

User-generated Change Requests

  • Features: Allow users to propose changes and track their status.
  • Benefits: Encourage employee participation in continuous improvement.

Review and Escalation

  • Features: Facilitate systematic review and escalation of changes.
  • Benefits: Ensure thorough evaluation and timely resolution of change requests.

Assignment of Responsibilities

  • Features: Clearly define and assign change-related responsibilities.
  • Benefits: Promote accountability and clear communication during change implementation.

Performance Monitoring

  • Features: Track objectives and KPIs to measure change effectiveness.
  • Benefits: Ensure changes lead to desired outcomes and continuous improvement.

Checklist Integration

  • Features: Append checklists to monitor changes and automatically update objectives.
  • Benefits: Streamline change monitoring and ensure consistent compliance.
    Automated Communication

Real-time Notifications

  • Features: Receive updates on statuses and tasks in real-time.
  • Benefits: Stay informed and respond promptly to important developments.

Expiry and Review Reminders

  • Features: Get timely reminders about document expiry and review dates.
  • Benefits: Ensure documents and records are up-to-date and compliant.
    Audit and Attendance


  • Features: Ensure attendance and follow-up on audit results.
  • Benefits: Improve audit participation and compliance follow-through.

Meeting Management

  • Features: Conduct and manage meetings efficiently, with automated invitations and minute-taking.
  • Benefits: Enhance meeting productivity and accountability.


  • Features: Communicate important events and updates across the organization.
  • Benefits: Foster transparency and alignment within the organization.

Continuous Improvement Functions

Change Management

  • Features: Monitor and manage changes for continuous improvement.
  • Benefits: Promote a culture of continuous enhancement and innovation.

Goals, Objectives & KPIs

  • Features: Set, monitor, and achieve organizational goals and KPIs.
  • Benefits: Drive performance and ensure strategic alignment.


  • Features: Identify and leverage opportunities for improvement.
  • Benefits: Enhance organizational effectiveness and competitiveness.

Suggest Changes

  • Features: Allow employees to suggest and track potential improvements.
  • Benefits: Foster a proactive and engaged workforce.

Document Control

Documentation Control

  • Features: Manage documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Benefits: Maintain high standards of document integrity and accessibility.

Micro Changes

  • Features: Identify and control minor changes to prevent mis-publication.
  • Benefits: Ensure document accuracy and prevent errors.

Visibility Control

  • Features: Use triangulated methodology to control document visibility.
  • Benefits: Protect sensitive information and ensure appropriate access.

Site-Specific Document Issue

  • Features: Issue documents tailored to specific sites, departments, or users.
  • Benefits: Ensure relevant information is accessible to the right people.

Regulatory Access Points

  • Features: Create access points for regulatory requirements and maintain control over intellectual property.
  • Benefits: Simplify compliance and safeguard valuable information.
    Document Management Functions

Company Policies

  • Features: Manage and disseminate company policies effectively.
  • Benefits: Ensure all employees are aware of and adhere to organizational policies.

Document Register

  • Features: Maintain an organized document register.
  • Benefits: Facilitate easy access and retrieval of important documents.

External Documents

  • Features: Control documents from external sources.
  • Benefits: Ensure all external documents are compliant and up-to-date.

Health & Safety Documents

  • Features: Ensure compliance with health and safety documentation.
  • Benefits: Protect employee well-being and meet regulatory requirements.

ISO Documents

  • Features: Manage ISO compliance documents efficiently.
  • Benefits: Simplify the process of maintaining ISO certifications.

Process & Procedure Documents

  • Features: Control process and procedure documentation.
  • Benefits: Ensure consistent and accurate execution of processes.

Standard Documents

  • Features: Maintain and update standard organizational documents.
  • Benefits: Ensure consistency and standardization across the organization.

Equipment Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Features: Schedule and allocate responsibility for all maintenance activities.
  • Benefits: Ensure timely maintenance and reduce equipment downtime.

Centralized Management

  • Features: Manage equipment, information assets, and infrastructure from one location.
  • Benefits: Improve coordination and efficiency in maintenance operations.

Link Equipment to Personnel

  • Features: Connect equipment to responsible personnel for efficient coordination.
  • Benefits: Ensure accountability and improve maintenance response times.

Maintenance, Inspection & Calibration Control

  • Features: Control and manage all maintenance processes to ensure reliability and compliance.
  • Benefits: Enhance equipment performance and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Information Security (GDPR)

Data Protection Records

  • Features: Maintain comprehensive records for data protection compliance.
  • Benefits: Ensure adherence to data protection regulations and standards.

Impact Assessments (DPIA)

  • Features: Conduct and document Data Protection Impact Assessments.
  • Benefits: Identify and mitigate data protection risks effectively.

Data Asset Management

  • Features: Identify and manage all data assets with full control over access rights.
  • Benefits: Protect sensitive information and ensure data integrity.

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Compliance

  • Features: Ensure compliance with information security standards.
  • Benefits: Build trust with stakeholders by demonstrating strong information security practices.

Training and Competency

Training Records

  • Features: Record and track training sessions linked to user roles and compliance standards.
  • Benefits: Ensure employees are adequately trained and competent in their roles.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Features: Define job-specific responsibilities and link them to document sensitivity and site-specific access controls.
  • Benefits: Ensure clarity in roles and responsibilities, enhancing compliance and performance.

Competency Tracking

  • Features: Identify and address knowledge gaps to enhance overall organizational competence.
  • Benefits: Improve employee performance and reduce compliance risks.
    Process Sustainability

Centralized Information Access

  • Features: Provide centralized access to all necessary information to perform duties accurately and sustainably.
  • Benefits: Enhance operational efficiency and ensure sustainable practices.

Document and Equipment Links

  • Features: Link relevant documents and equipment to processes for seamless coordination.
  • Benefits: Ensure users have access to all required information and resources.

Supplier and Sub-contractor Management

  • Features: Analyze, rate, and manage suppliers and sub-contractors based on sustainability and ethical criteria.
  • Benefits: Promote sustainability and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

Audit Results and Checklists Integration

  • Features: Access audit results and perform checklists directly within processes.
  • Benefits: Streamline compliance checks and ensure adherence to standards.

Communication Functions


  • Features: Communicate important events and updates across the organization.
  • Benefits: Foster transparency and alignment within the organization.

Complaints Management

  • Features: Streamline reporting and handling of complaints.
  • Benefits: Improve customer satisfaction and resolve issues efficiently.

Meetings Management

  • Features: Conduct and document meetings, ensuring full accountability and follow-up on action items.
  • Benefits: Enhance meeting productivity and ensure effective communication.

Feedback and Reporting

  • Features: Collect and manage feedback and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Benefits: Improve decision-making and promote continuous improvement.

User Interface

Customizable Entry Paths

  • Features: Create personalized entry paths for users to navigate quickly to their areas of interest.
  • Benefits: Improve user experience and efficiency.

Dashboard Layouts

  • Features: Offer customizable dashboards for departments, groups, or individuals.
  • Benefits: Provide relevant information at a glance, enhancing productivity.

Main Menu Accessibility

  • Features: Maintain easy access to the main menu for straightforward navigation.
  • Benefits: Ensure users can quickly find and access needed resources.

Direct Links to Points of Interest

  • Features: Allow users to create direct links to their specific points of interest within the system.
  • Benefits: Streamline access to frequently used functions and resources.

Approved Supplier Management

Reduced Procurement Costs

  • Features: Leverage fixed pricing and a digital marketplace for procurement efficiency.
  • Benefits: Lower procurement costs and improve supplier management.

Total Global Harmonization

Linked Aspects

  • Features: Integrate all aspects of the system for comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance management.
  • Benefits: Ensure seamless operation and adherence to global standards.

Ownership and Notifications

  • Features: Ensure clear ownership of tasks and automated notifications for updates and compliance.
  • Benefits: Enhance accountability and ensure timely compliance actions

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