Compliance auditing & frequent auditing combined

A Combined Approach

Comprehensive auditing with full corrective action control & quick audit with user defined templates

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Bring all your compliance auditing & non-conformance aspects together with the added benefit of checklists!

Controlling your audit programme can be very complex and time consuming.  We simplify this process in ZEBSOFT by linking audit methods, communication, investigation & task allocation into one simple to use platform with a fresh modern cloud-based interface.

Compliance audit planning:

  • Configure custom audit templates and schedule audits for specific dates, departments and auditors.
  • Use a table view to see which audits have been planned, completed and missed, and those that are in need of review.
  • The audit schedule is broken down by department and activity, and can be further filtered by site.
Audit planning for compliance management

Compliance audit reporting:

  • Audits are automatically logged in an audit and non-conformance register.
  • Drill down into individual audit records to examine and update a range of audit information, including:
    • Audit scope
    • Audit report
    • Additional evidence
    • Attached images and documents
    • Non-conformances, root causes and corrective actions
    • Outcome (no issues found/further action required/opportunity for improvement)
    • Review date
    • Assigned tasks
Compliance audit reporting

Raising & reporting Non-Conformance:

  • Data within the audit and non-conformance register can be filtered, sorted and exported into CSV or Excel formats.
  • Non-conformance can be created within a planned audit
  • Direct raising of reactive non-conformance
  • Non-conformance fed by all users from feedback reporting
  • Checklist audits can be escalated to non-conformance
  • Non-conformances cannot be closed out until corrective actions are reviewed & effective
Nonconformance management and handling

Frequent auditing using checklists:

  • Receive valuable information instantly.
  • Create your own specific templates
  • Define a scoring mechanism to pass, warn or fail on a result
  • Simple to follow yes/no answering
  • Add detail when needed
  • Receive instant notification of the result
  • Dashboard reporting.
Quick and easy audits that anyone can carry out. Create a checklist audit template that any user can carry out.

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