Simplified Auditing

Easy to use at all levels

Auditing Software with CAPA

Comprehensive auditing software with full corrective action control (CAPA) & quick audit with user defined templates ISO Audit, GRC Audit, Compliance Audit, Product Audit.

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Compliance & Product Auditing, CAPA & Non-conformance come together with mobile & desktop platforms.

Controlling your ISO, GRC, compliance & product audit programme can be very complex and time consuming. We simplify this process in ZEBSOFT by linking audit methods, communication, investigation & task allocation into one simple to use platform with a fresh modern cloud-based interface.

ISO & Compliance audit reporting:

  • ISO & Compliance Audits are automatically logged in an audit and non-conformance register.
  • Drill down into individual audit records to examine and update a range of audit information, including:
    • ISO & Compliance Audit scope
    • ISO & Compliance Audi report
    • Additional evidence
    • Attached images and documents
    • ISO & Compliance Non-conformances, root causes and corrective actions
    • Outcome (no issues found/further action required/opportunity for improvement)
    • Review date
    • Assigned tasks
Compliance audit reporting

Frequent ISO, process, compliance & product auditing using checklists:

  • Receive valuable information instantly.
  • Create your own specific templates
  • Define a scoring mechanism to pass, warn or fail on a result
  • Simple to follow yes/no answering
  • Add detail when needed
  • Receive instant notification of the result
  • Dashboard reporting.
Quick and easy audits that anyone can carry out. Create a checklist audit template that any user can carry out.

Raising CAPA & reporting ISO Non-Conformance:

  • Data within the audit CAPA and non-conformance register can be filtered, sorted and exported into CSV or Excel formats.
  • ISO & Compliance Non-conformance can be created within a planned audit
  • Direct raising of reactive non-conformance
  • Non-conformance fed by all users from feedback reporting
  • Checklist audits can be escalated to non-conformance
  • ISO & Compliance Non-conformances cannot be closed out until corrective actions (CAPA) are reviewed & effective
Nonconformance management and handling

ISO & Compliance audit planning:

  • Configure custom ISO & compliance audit templates and schedule audits for specific dates, departments and auditors.
  • Use a table view to see which audits have been planned, completed and missed, and those that are in need of review.
  • The audit schedule is broken down by department and activity, and can be further filtered by site.
  • ISO Audits have to be conducted at planned intervals.
  • Product audit software ensure high quality output
Audit Software for planning for compliance management

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