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Learn how to bring clarity & precise control to your management information system auditing. Providing for the needs of any business large or small.

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Quick Check

Replaces paper forms allowing for fast and simple process auditing on the go.

Make daily checks simple and ne informed of results. Audit results build to show how your QMS is performing.

Pro Check

Provides an advanced auditing platform for quality assurance audits, vendor audits, product audits.

QMS auditing in a fully functional desktop and mobile format with high level reporting.

Planned Auditing

Where a structured and planned management system audit programme is required with full scope and reporting mechanism tied to CAPA.

Compliance & Product Auditing, CAPA & Non-conformance come together with mobile & desktop platforms.

Managing your audit programme for ISO, GRC, compliance & products can be very complex and time consuming. We simplify this process in ZEBSOFT by linking audit methods, communication, investigation & task allocation into one simple to use software platform with a fresh modern cloud-based interface.

Quick Check

Frequent process and compliance auditing using mobile checklists:

  • Simple format for any user
  • Linked to system records for traceability
  • Receive valuable audit information instantly.
  • Create your own specific audit templates
  • Define an audit scoring mechanism to pass, warn or fail on a result
  • Simple to follow yes/no answering with scored audit results
  • Add audit detail when needed
  • Receive instant notification of the result of the audit
  • Dashboard audit reporting.

Pro Check

Professional QMS, ISO, process, compliance & product auditing and quality assurance using logical checklists:

  • Build comprehensive audit templates
  • Auditing is linked to system records for traceability
  • Conditional logic allows for enhanced audit information harvesting
  • Define an audit scoring mechanism to pass, warn or fail on a result
  • Simple to follow answering with scoring
  • Add audit detail when needed and photos to audit questions
  • Task generation linked to individual audit questions
  • Receive instant notification of the result of the audit
  • Dashboard audit reporting.

Planned Auditing

Audit Software for planning for compliance management

ISO, QMS, Compliance audit planning:

  • Configure custom ISO QMS & compliance audit templates and schedule QMS audits for specific dates, departments and auditors.
  • Use a table view to see which compliance audits have been planned, completed and missed, and those audits that are in need of review.
  • The audit schedule is broken down by department and activity audits, and can be further filtered by site.
  • Define the scope of the audit to be communicated to audit attendees in advance
  • Provides for ISO Audits that have to be conducted at planned intervals.
  • Professional reports with direct linking to CAP and non-conformity

ISO & Compliance audit reporting:

  • ISO QMS & Compliance Audits are automatically logged in an audit and non-conformance register.
  • Drill down into individual audit records to examine and update a range of audit information, including:

    • ISO & Compliance Audit scope
    • ISO & Compliance Audi report
    • Additional evidence
    • Attached images and documents
    • ISO & Compliance Non-conformances, root causes and corrective actions
    • Outcome (no issues found/further action required/opportunity for improvement)
    • Review date
    • Assigned tasks

Raising CAPA & reporting ISO Non-Conformance:

  • Data within the audit CAPA and non-conformance register can be filtered, sorted and exported into CSV or Excel formats.
  • ISO & Compliance Non-conformance can be created within a planned audit
  • Direct raising of reactive non-conformance
  • Non-conformance fed by all users from feedback reporting
  • Checklist audits can be escalated to non-conformance
  • ISO & Compliance Non-conformances cannot be closed out until corrective actions (CAPA) are reviewed & effective

Comprehensive compliance auditing software with full corrective action control (CAPA) & quick audit with user defined templates ISO QMS Audit, GRC Audit, Compliance Audit, Product Audit.

A Perfect addition to any Quality Management System QMS

Want to know more?

    The purpose of ZEBSOFT Audit Management Software.

    To create improvement in any area of a business it is essential to know that your activities are performing this how we manage risk and monitor the effectiveness of our processes and actions within our organisation. Audit Management Software provides a structured way to perform challenging and complex audits simply and efficiently.

    The Benefits of ZEBSOFT Audit Management Software for quality management systems (QMS) and Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

    Audit Management Software is the key to achieving more in the most efficient way. The current shift in management system auditing is that the internal audit process is now requiring Auditors to be proactive with risk management and to provide insights into achievement of compliance with regulation. Businesses are looking for solutions to make these tasks easier and more time-efficient to ensure the audit process is cost effective. The ability conduct the audit process quickly and effectively to a high standard will control and reduce the risk of non-compliance, spotting problems before they occur is the primary purpose of Audit Management Software and provides the ability to mitigate potential problems or issues, much quicker than outdated conventional approaches to auditing.

    ZEBSOFT Audit Management Software supports all types of audits in your organisation and allows you to control how you would like that information delivered to and viewed by staff and management.

    All aspects of auditing become automated for efficiency and productivity. You will create checklists that can be used on mobile devices to reduce the amount of paperwork associated with the checking process. Checklists can easily be printed off to ensure that your off-line record-keeping meets regulation.

    ZEBSOST Auditing Management Software can provide tasking for the completion of audits at any time of the day or night and with any stipulated frequency. Audits can be scheduled across departments/sites. teams and multiples of individuals simultaneously using the same audit checklist without conflict.

    ZEBSOST Auditing Management Software reminds the QMS/IMS auditors and auditees prior to the compliance audit, product audit, quality QMS audit . ZEBSOFT keeps auditors up to date automatically with email and system notifications. System auditors are provided full audit planning capabilities ensuring the audit program structure is maintained. The audit software allows your auditors to make amendments to the QMS auditing program to accommodate the fluidity required in the working environment as issues arise when the audit plan is in progress.

    The ZEBSOST Audit Management software will never forget, the days of missing QMS audits will be gone from your organisation, audit results are available instantly to QMS auditors and mangers alike. QMS/IMS audit results can be compared over time so that you will achieve the best possible outcome from your auditing activities

    ZEBSOST Auditing Management software is linked to tasks at all levels this ensures that not only the results of the auditing are communicated but also that the outputs from the QMS audit process are managed effectively and reported back to the auditor, stating the necessary actions required to remain compliant. The auditing software will track and notify when these tasks have been completed.

    ZEBSOST QMS/IMS Auditing Management software will take your auditing to new levels, checklist audits will feed to audit tasks, product audits will feed compliance audits, the QMS audit results will feed to CAPA, non conformity and continuous improvement