Document control, a key component of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes, involves the management of documents to ensure their reliability, availability, and timeliness. GRC software provides tools and features that assist organizations in maintaining a high standard of document control.

The Leading Document Management System

Strict document control combined with flexible access capabilities & document signing.

Controlling documentation in the electronic landscape is a complex problem. We give the controls you need to ensure that everyone is using the the correct version, they can access the documents they need and do not see the documents they are not allowed to see.

Use a powerful built-in text editor to create policy, process, training and procedure documents that include:

  • Effective from dates
  • Review dates
  • Person responsible
  • Document classification/visibility
  • Document control groups
  • Associations with sites or departments
  • Multiple document approvers
Utilizing our powerful built-in text editor to create policy, process, training, and procedure documents offers a wide range of benefits to organizations aiming for streamlined operations, clear communication, and robust compliance: 1. **Centralized Creation**: A built-in editor ensures that all documents are created, stored, and managed within one platform, leading to organized and centralized content management. 2. **Uniform Formatting**: Powerful text editors often come with templating and formatting tools, ensuring consistent presentation across all organizational documents. 3. **Collaboration**: Modern text editors often support collaborative features, allowing multiple team members to work on a document simultaneously, facilitating teamwork and reducing turnaround times. 4. **Version Control**: Track changes, view document history, and revert to previous versions if necessary. This is crucial for maintaining an accurate record of document evolutions and ensuring that the most up-to-date version is always in use. 5. **Integration with Other Systems**: Built-in text editors often integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems, making it easier to link or embed data from other platforms. 6. **Access Control**: Ensure that only authorized personnel can edit or access sensitive documents, thus maintaining data integrity and security. 7. **Rich Media Integration**: Advanced text editors allow users to easily embed images, charts, videos, and other media, making documents more comprehensive and engaging. 8. **Automated Templates**: Streamline the creation of new documents by using pre-defined templates tailored to the organization's needs. 9. **Real-time Feedback**: Some editors have commenting and annotation tools, allowing for real-time feedback, which can be particularly useful during the review and approval processes. 10. **Mobility**: Modern built-in text editors are often accessible from various devices, including mobiles and tablets, allowing for on-the-go document creation and editing. 11. **Cost Savings**: By having a built-in editor, organizations can avoid the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining standalone document creation software. 12. **Search & Indexing**: Easily locate documents or specific content within them using robust search and indexing features. 13. **Compliance**: Create documents that are compliant with industry standards or regulations by using built-in templates and guidelines. 14. **Training**: With the ability to create comprehensive training documents, organizations can ensure that employees have clear, accessible resources to aid in their professional development. 15. **Scalability**: As the organization grows, a powerful built-in text editor can accommodate the increasing demand for document creation and management. 16. **Streamlined Updates**: Quickly and easily update documents when processes or policies change, ensuring that the organization remains agile and adaptive. 17. **Reduced Errors**: Features like spell-check, grammar suggestions, and auto-formatting can help in reducing errors, leading to more professional and accurate documents. In conclusion, a powerful built-in text editor streamlines the creation and management of crucial organizational documents. This tool ensures that policies, procedures, training materials, and other essential documents are consistent, up-to-date, and effectively serve the needs of the organization.
Ducmnet register, archive and retrieval system

Document read, confirmation & archive retrieval:

  • Access a history of previous controlled document versions along with their signing history.
  • Automatically update document control version numbers when changes are made.
  • Read confirmation can be toggled within specific documents, allowing administrators to see which users have read the document.
  • Zebsoft can be used to create and manage ISO scope and context documents.
  • Documents can also be shared privately between users.

PDF document download:

  • PDF downloads are automatically recorded as events within Zebsoft.
  • Downloaded PDFs include:

    • Timestamp of the download
    • Effective date
    • Review date
    • Person responsible for the document
    • Document control version number
    • An “uncontrolled document” statement
Embeded PDFs avaialable for users to download
Incorporating a system that allows for multiple approvers, user read confirmations, and a fully retrievable archive that holds signing history brings about numerous advantages for organizations, particularly in terms of accountability, transparency, and compliance. Here are the benefits of such a system: 1. **Clear Accountability**: Multiple approver settings ensure that more than one individual is responsible for the verification and approval of a document, creating shared responsibility and decreasing chances of oversight. 2. **Enhanced Security**: With multiple approvers, the chances of unauthorized changes or approvals are minimized, ensuring document integrity. 3. **User Read Confirmation**: This ensures that essential stakeholders or employees have accessed and understood the document, leading to better compliance and less miscommunication. 4. **Audit Trail**: A retrievable archive holding signing history offers a complete trail of who approved or accessed a document and when, which is invaluable for audits or any compliance checks. 5. **Transparency**: Such a system promotes transparency within the organization, ensuring everyone is aware of the processes and their respective responsibilities. 6. **Streamlined Workflows**: Automatic notifications can be sent to the next approver or group of approvers in line, streamlining the approval process and reducing waiting times. 7. **Compliance**: For industries where regulatory compliance is crucial, multiple approval layers combined with a clear signing history ensure adherence to internal and external regulations. 8. **Conflict Resolution**: In cases of disputes or disagreements, having a clear, retrievable signing history provides an objective record that can assist in resolving the issue. 9. **Reduced Errors**: Multiple eyes on a document reduce the chances of mistakes or omissions going unnoticed. 10. **Improved Decision-making**: Collaborative approval processes often lead to more comprehensive reviews and better-informed decisions. 11. **Data Protection**: Storing the signing history in a secure archive ensures that sensitive information remains protected and is accessible only to authorized personnel. 12. **Operational Efficiency**: Automatic archiving reduces manual administrative work, leading to time savings and increased efficiency. 13. **Historical Reference**: Organizations can refer back to previous versions of documents, understand the rationale behind certain decisions, and use this historical data for continuous improvement. 14. **Legal Protection**: A clear and retrievable signing history can serve as evidence in legal scenarios, providing a record of who approved what and when. 15. **Enhanced Communication**: By allowing multiple approvers and read confirmations, teams and departments are better aligned, and any potential gaps in understanding are quickly addressed. 16. **User Engagement**: User read confirmation engages employees in the process, ensuring they are actively participating and acknowledging the content. In summary, a system with features for multiple approvers, user read confirmations, and a retrievable signing history archive significantly bolsters an organization's ability to manage documents efficiently, maintain accountability, and ensure compliance. It aids in creating a transparent, collaborative, and accountable environment, crucial for modern organizations' success.

Document Issue, authority & signing:

  • Record issue dates, expiry dates and additional notes associated with externally controlled documents.
  • Document approvals by multiple persons
  • Ethical Wall to limit document visibility and accessibility based on:
    • User permissions
    • User base location
    • User operational locations
  • Documents retain visible unapproved status until approved by authorised admin users.

Document types:

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to create detailed templates.
  • All documents are accessible via a searchable, sortable list.
  • Zebsoft can be used to manage externally controlled documents, including:
    • Certificates
    • Contracts
    • Licences
  • Record issue dates, expiry dates and additional notes associated with externally controlled documents.
Utilizing a system like Zebsoft, where you can create detailed templates for regularly used documents and have them all accessible through a searchable, sortable list, along with managing externally controlled documents, offers a myriad of advantages for both internal operations and compliance purposes. Here are the benefits: 1. **Efficiency and Consistency**: Detailed templates for regularly used documents ensure that employees don't have to start from scratch every time, promoting consistency across documents and saving time. 2. **Standardization**: Templates help in maintaining a standardized format for similar types of documents, making them easily recognizable and ensuring they adhere to corporate branding and style guidelines. 3. **Easy Retrieval**: A searchable, sortable list allows users to quickly find and access the documents they need, reducing time spent searching and increasing productivity. 4. **Document Management**: Centralizing documents in one platform facilitates better document management, ensuring that all versions, changes, and updates are tracked and controlled. 5. **External Document Control**: Managing externally controlled documents within Zebsoft provides a centralized hub for both internal and external documentation, making it easier to maintain a complete record of all pertinent documents. 6. **Compliance**: For industries that have regulatory compliance requirements around document control, having a systematic approach to managing documents aids in ensuring all compliance measures are met. 7. **Version Control**: With such systems, there's reduced risk of employees using outdated versions of documents. Every document is clearly versioned, and the most recent version is easily identifiable. 8. **Reduced Redundancy**: A centralized document system minimizes the chances of having multiple versions of the same document floating around, thus reducing confusion and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 9. **Collaboration**: Employees can collaboratively work on documents, knowing they are all accessing the same version and template, fostering teamwork. 10. **Secure Access**: Such systems often come with access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access, edit, or delete documents. 11. **Backup and Recovery**: Centralized systems like Zebsoft often have robust backup and recovery features, ensuring that documents are safe from accidental deletions or system failures. 12. **Audit Readiness**: With everything organized and easily retrievable, audits become more straightforward. Whether it's an internal review or an external audit, having all documents in one place and in a standardized format is invaluable. 13. **Cost-Efficient**: Reducing the time employees spend creating and searching for documents translates to cost savings in the long run. 14. **Transparency**: Centralized systems enhance transparency, as all stakeholders can easily access and understand the status and version of various documents. 15. **External Partner Integration**: If working with external partners or stakeholders who provide controlled documents, integrating them within Zebsoft makes it easier to share, review, and collaborate without switching between systems. In conclusion, leveraging a system like Zebsoft for document control and management brings about efficiency, compliance, and improved collaboration benefits, positioning organizations for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Internal and External document controls:

Zebsoft provides an internal document control solution that can help organizations manage their documents and records. Here are some ways that Zebsoft can help with document control:

  1. Document Management: Zebsoft’s document control solution includes tools for document management, such as version control, approval workflows, and document distribution. This helps ensure that the latest versions of documents are available to those who need them, and that changes to documents are properly controlled.
  2. Record Management: Zebsoft’s document control solution also includes tools for managing records, such as retention schedules and automatic archiving. This helps ensure that records are properly managed throughout their lifecycle, from creation to disposal.
  3. Collaboration: Zebsoft’s document control solution includes collaboration features that allow teams to work together on documents and records. This can help improve communication and collaboration within teams, while also ensuring that changes to documents are properly controlled.
  4. Search and Retrieval: Zebsoft’s document control solution includes search and retrieval tools that make it easy to find documents and records when they are needed. This can help improve efficiency and productivity by reducing the time spent searching for documents.
  5. Security: Zebsoft’s document control solution includes security features that help ensure that documents and records are properly protected. This includes access controls, audit trails, and encryption, among other features.

Overall, Zebsoft’s document control solution can help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their document management processes, while also ensuring that documents and records are properly controlled, secured, and managed throughout their lifecycle.

Zebsoft can help with external document control in several ways. Here are some examples:
  1. Supplier Management: Zebsoft’s supplier management solution includes tools for managing supplier quality, which can include managing supplier documentation. The platform can help organizations ensure that their suppliers are providing the necessary documentation, and can help manage supplier documentation in a centralized location.
  2. Customer Collaboration: Zebsoft’s solutions also include collaboration tools that can help organizations work with customers on documents and other external-facing materials. This can help improve communication and collaboration with customers, while also ensuring that changes to documents are properly controlled.
  3. Compliance Management: Zebsoft’s compliance management solution can help organizations manage their compliance with external regulations and standards, which often requires managing external documentation. The platform includes tools for tracking compliance requirements and managing external documentation to support compliance efforts.
  4. Distribution: Zebsoft’s solutions also include tools for distributing external documents, such as customer-facing documents or regulatory filings. The platform can help ensure that the right documents are distributed to the right stakeholders in a timely manner.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Zebsoft’s solutions provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that can help organizations gain insights into their external document management processes. This can help identify areas for improvement and support decision-making related to external document management.

Overall, Zebsoft’s solutions can help organizations manage their external document control processes, whether it is related to managing supplier documentation, collaborating with customers on documents, or managing compliance with external regulations and standards. By providing a centralized platform for managing external documents, Zebsoft can help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their external document control processes, reduce risk exposure, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

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