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Learn how to create infalable document management controls to meet you QMS, IMS & GRC Requirements. Providing for business large and small.

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Strict document control combined with flexible access capabilities & document signing.

Controlling documentation in the electronic landscape is a complex problem. We give the controls you need to ensure that everyone is using the the correct version, they can access the documents they need and do not see the documents they are not allowed to see.

Use a powerful built-in text editor to create policy, process, training and procedure documents that include:

  • Effective from dates
  • Review dates
  • Person responsible
  • Document classification/visibility
  • Document control groups
  • Associations with sites or departments
Document Control and Document Management system software, editing a document using the editor

Document read, confirmation & archive retrieval:

  • Access a history of previous controlled document versions along with their signing history.
  • Automatically update document control version numbers when changes are made.
  • Read confirmation can be toggled within specific documents, allowing administrators to see which users have read the document.
  • Zebsoft can be used to create and manage ISO scope and context documents.
  • Documents can also be shared privately between users.
Document Management System | Document archiving

PDF document download:

  • PDF downloads are automatically recorded as events within Zebsoft.
  • Downloaded PDFs include:

    • Timestamp of the download
    • Effective date
    • Review date
    • Person responsible for the document
    • Document control version number
    • An “uncontrolled document” statement
Document Control | Controlling and creating uncontrolled document

Document Issue, authority & signing:

  • Record issue dates, expiry dates and additional notes associated with externally controlled documents.
  • Ethical Wall to limit document visibility and accessibility based on:

    • User permissions
    • User base location
    • User operational locations
  • Documents retain visible unapproved status until approved by authorised admin users.
Document control, authorisation and approval

Document types:

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to create detailed templates.
  • All documents are accessible via a searchable, sortable list.
  • Zebsoft can be used to manage externally controlled documents, including:

    • Certificates
    • Contracts
    • Licences
  • Record issue dates, expiry dates and additional notes associated with externally controlled documents.
Document Control and Document Management system software | Managing different types of documents

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