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InfoSec controls that form part of normal daily activity for all.

Controlling documentation in the electronic landscape is a complex problem, we give the controls you need to ensure that everyone is using the the correct version and has access the documents they need without seeing the documents they are allowed to see.

Recording & measuring the results of monitoring activities:

  • Formalised and consistent monitoring
  • Build checklist routines
  • Set alert levels
  • Create tasks for individuals or teams
  • Recurring individual or team tasks

Raise & Investigate incidents:

  • Planning of InfoSec activities
  • Organisation wide feedback
  • Control, monitor and act on feedback
  • Raise non-conformance
  • Record Corrective and Preventative actions
  • Create comprehensive auditing programme

InfoSec Controls:

  • Uncompromised recoding of events
  • Easily manage your Statement of Applicability
  • Easy to follow layout
  • Attach identified risks to the controls

Policy and Document Management

Policy Communication:

  • Communication of policies
  • Ensure policies are read
  • Control who can see what policies
  • Policy version control

Document Issue, authority & signing:

  • Record issue dates & expiry dates
  • Approve documents
  • Categorise and groups documents

Process and protocol definition

  • For regularly used documents, it is possible to create detailed templates.
  • Link to any external document or resource
  • Associate external documents to suppliers and quickly find what you need

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