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Learn how to bring clarity & precise communication to your GRC management information systems. Providing for the needs of any business large or small.

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Holistic Feature Rich GRC Software

Take control & communicate essential business data, whilst reducing negative impacts.  Interact & inform your end user of compliance requirements. Empower your management with facts on which to base their decisions.

  • Cloud-Based: Global availability & rapid deployment.
  • Business Intelegence Reporting: See everything you need to know about your business
  • 360 Degree Risk Visibility: View you risk landscape & know your risk interdependencies
  • Document Control: Misuse becomes impossible, all documents are classified, controlled & securely archived.

  • Asset Management: Calibration, inspection & maintenance logs. Clear asset association.

  • Compliance Auditing: Rapid for day-to-day data harvesting & Professional for Governance auditing.
  • Multiple Sites: Allocate system resource, control communicated information with visibility & ownership of process control.

  • Tasks & actions:  System tasks that maintain the links to source recording the actions trail.
  • Contingency Planning for disruptive events: Define & test your contingencies, react quickly to reach your predefined restore point.

Business Inteligence Reporting:

Report on whatever it is that you need to know, embedded reports or full dashboard access.

  • Enable BI for everyone with QuickSight Q. Ask conversational questions of your data and use Q’s ML-powered engine to receive relevant visualizations without the time consuming data preparation from authors and admins.

  • Perform advanced analytics with ML insights. Discover hidden insights from your data, perform accurate forecasting and what-if analysis, or add easy-to-understand natural language narratives to dashboards by leveraging AWS’ expertise in machine learning.

Risk management & reporting:

Manage Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, & Environmental factors easily.

  • Align your risk management to your organisational objectives.
  • Communicate the early signs of risk, validating the authenticity of information used from internal and external sources. Identify, assess, respond, and review all inputs.
  • Allow GRC to be transparent and inclusive by ensuring everyone knows their roles & responsibilities in the risk management process.
  • Enable a culture of questioning, by motivating people to participate & support the risk management function.
  • Improve risk management strategies and tactics and the way you view and manage ongoing risk.

Control of documented information:

Misuse of documentation becomes a thing of the past, communicate documents with classified access & user signing.

  • Strict document control, embodying the principles of ISO27001 & ISO9001.
  • Complete control over your documents, creation, indexing & publishing, controlled to a high degree.
  • Increase profitability at business and process level through the control exercised over documents.
  • Private secure AWS (London UK) document storage environment for your documents.
  • Full digitisation, the system controls documentation only the authorised version will be in use.
  • Gain control over integrity, security, classification, distribution, reproduction.
  • Benefit from system-based document signing and management.

Total asset management

Visibility of asset base across all operational areas. Status & condition monitoring at a glance.

  • Holistic knowledge asset interaction, interdependency, life cycle phases and corresponding activities.
  • Systematic highly structured framework allowing decisions and actions to be consistent, repeatable, and transparent.
  • Systemic control allows examination in context to provide the ability to optimise performance.
  • Risk-based consideration of performance of the asset and its potential effect on the business.
  • Optimal, monitoring costs, benefits, risks, and performance factors throughout the asset life cycle.
  • Sustainable, managing the asset through its life cycle, considering short & long term effects and activities are provided for.
  • Integrated, identifying interdependencies and combined effects that are working together to deliver optimal value.

A combined approach to auditing:

Rapid for data harvesting & Professional for Governance auditing

  • Audits are planned and communicated to auditors, process owners and auditees.
  • Have visibility of the process and interdependencies during the audit.
  • Review allocated documentation the during audit.
  • Add photos and evidential documents to the audit report in real time.
  • Escalate to Incident & Non-Conformity management real time.
  • Create and manage dedicated checklist audits.
  • Use checklist audit results to monitor impending failure.
  • Report results instantaneously with senior management alerts.

Control multiple sites:

Allocate system resource to sites, control communicated information, visibility & ownership of process.

  • Cloud based access via private and secure AWS (London UK) servers
  • Control GRC communication from within the platform removing cross platform errors.
  • Allocate specific process and general tasks with expected completion times.
  • System documents are controlled & authorised centrally, no local level documentation to control.
  • Have evidence of communication with document signing.
  • System alerts generated through email and notifications

Communication of tasks & actions:

Ownership & accountability for system generated tasks maintaining links to source recording the trail of actions.

  • Communication is provided through strict communication control protocols.
  • Person to person and person to group communication defining the individual or group ownership.
  • Simplicity, through internally specified communication chains
  • Confidential, communication is internalised across all sites with private and secure AWS (London UK) environment.
  • Defined, task mechanism, the desired due date / recurrence is specified and notified.
  • Focused responses that can feed-back where elaborative information can be uploaded, reviewed and escalated.
  • Organisational communication can be initiated from controlled activities, identified across the system.
  • Monitoring of progress through dashboard and notified progress alerts.

Planning for disruptive events:

Definition & testing of contingencies, react quickly to reach your predefined restore point.

  • Create individual contingency plans for individual and interrelated processes.
  • Define restore points for immediate, mid and long-term recoveries.
  • Link contingency plans to contingency and process instructions.
  • Plan your contingency tests three years in advance.
  • Link your tests to resource needs.
  • Record, analyse, review the results of tests creating corrective actions from documented results.
  • Link contingency to DRP

The Holistic Approach

A system is the some of its parts, we believe that to create a control platform, the essential characteristic is that it controls all areas of GRC. That is why ZEBSOFT is an all in one, the linking of GRC components from multiple sources highlights the risks that hide from normal view.

Clear & Simple

Clarity is understanding, we have gone to great lengths from the conception of the system to create what we believe is the most clear and understandable method of presentation. When users understand they interact more readily and effectively.

Inclusive Approach

The weakest link in a compliance chain, is the person excluded from the communication process. We have developed the system from the basic user upwards, creating an environment where everyone is able to push data to the system. Communication travels up and down.

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