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Risk Management

Risk management has become the most important issue to be addressed for business continuity. Our enterprise asset platform enables complete control & visibility of all your risks. We included the added benefits associated with both proactive and reactive risk management.

Proactive Risk Management and Compliance Management:

  • ZEBSOFT® can be used to coordinate a wide range of proactive risk management measures, including:
    • Planning, performing and responding to audit programmes
    • Maintaining a record of interested parties
    • Maintaining a detailed register of relevant legislation and regulatory standards
    • Highlighting and tracking significant internal and external issues
    • Managing environmental risks, such as emissions or nuisances
    • Maintaining a detailed COSHH register
    • Creating and maintaining statements of applicability
    • Creating contingency plans for multiple scenarios
Risk and compliance management software | Proactive risk

Legal & Regulatory Compliance Register:

  • Use ZEBSOFT® to create and maintain a compliance register that contains relevant legislation and regulatory standards.
  • Compliance register records include:
    • Legislation/regulation type (data protection, employment, H&S etc.)
    • Regulator
    • Link to relevant website
    • References to controlled and external documents
    • Summary text
    • Related authorisations, licences, consents or records
    • Consequences of breach
Risk Management | Legal and compliance register

Environmental Aspects & Impacts Register:

  • ZEBSOFT® can be used to create a register of environmental issues and risks.
  • Environmental issue/risk records include:
    • Category (emissions, nuisance, waste etc.)
    • Owner
    • Issue sensitivity level/visibility
    • Description of impact
    • Applicable legislation
    • Contingency requirements (not required, applicable at normal operating level, applicable > normal operating level)
    • Priority rating (according to likelihood and consequences)
    • Associated risks and sites
    • Affected parties
    • Risk actions and action descriptions
    • Review dates
Risk Management | Environmental Aspects

Reporting & Feedback Management:

  • ZEBSOFT® can be used to:
    • Incident Reporting
    • Record feedback
    • Suggest changes
    • Highlight risk
  • Users can submit and specify different types of feedback, including comments about health and safety, customers, employees and incidents.
  • Submitted feedback is automatically added to a register that includes:
    • The feedback title and date
    • The user who submitted it
    • Feedback type
    • Status (open, closed, new)
  • The feedback register can be filtered by type, status and source, and exported as a CSV or Excel file.
Managing Feedback

Managing suggestions for change:

  • Users can suggest changes and cite the reason, the benefit and the person responsible for the change.
  • Suggested changes are automatically added to a register that includes:
    • Suggestion date
    • Area/description
    • Requester
    • Change owner
    • Status (new, reviewed, adopted, not adopted)
  • The suggested change register can be sorted by date, area, requester, change owner and status, and exported as a CSV or Excel file.
  • Suggested changes can be updated to include:
    • Additional evidence/documentation
    • Summary of findings
    • Consideration
    • Result
    • Target date
    • Associated risks
    • Tasks
  • Users can highlight a range of different risk types, including:
    • Compliance
    • Environmental
    • Financial
    • Health and safety
    • Information security
Risk Management | Managing change

User identified risk management:

  • Users can provide detailed descriptions of possible/observed risk effects, suggest control measures, and cite affected parties.
  • Highlighted risks are automatically added to a searchable, sortable register that includes:
    • Risk type
    • Risk title
    • Risk evaluation rating
    • Risk action
    • Effective control status
    • Date submitted
    • Review date
  • New risks are highlighted within a dedicated register. Authorised users can then update the risk information to include:
    • A risk owner
    • Risk sensitivity level/visibility
    • Additional description
    • Risk actions (transfer, avoid, reduce, ignore) and descriptions
    • Whether the risk actions were effective (yes or no)
    • Associated risks and sites
  • Risks can also be allocated an evaluation rating based on a colour-coded, likelihood-severity grid.
  • Submitted feedback, changes and risks automatically generate notifications for the relevant, authorised users.
Risk management and reacting to user identified risk

Control of Substances hazardous to Health:

  • ZEBSOFT® can be used to create register for the tracking and management of COSHH substances.
  • Each COSHH register record includes:
    • Supplier and location of substance
    • Description of use
    • Classification, hazard type and route to exposure
    • Exposure limits and surveillance, monitoring and ventilation requirements
    • Health risks, control measures and required PPE
    • First aid procedures and additional safety measures
    • Applicable legislation
    • Attachments
    • Named assessor and review dates
Risk Management and Control of substances hazardous to health

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