Controlling communications & actions

Internal communication for Compliance management, QMS, GRC, Document Management, Asset Management, Risk Management

Sometimes communication is too important to forget or ignore.

Controlling communication in a compliant environment is a priority, with our task linked communication format we enable you to track all output actions across the system through tasks & notifications.

Tasks linked to specific activities:

  • All activities can be linked to tasks providing an evidential trail of actions
  • Dashboard information is provided for task statuses across the organisation.
Tasks and activities

Issuing tasks:

  • Create tasks and assign them varying levels of urgency:
    • Urgent (1 hour, 4 hours, same day)
    • High (24 hours, 48 hours)
    • Medium (7 days)
    • Low (30 days)
    • No urgency level
  • Scheduled tasks can be set for the future
  • Recurring tasks for repeated actions
  • Tasks can include detailed instructions and a selected type, such as an audit or review.
  • Tasks can be assigned to individuals, multiple individuals, groups, departments, sites, locations and divisions.
Assign time sensitive tasks

Multiple recipient & recurring tasks:

  • Tasks can be configured as a shared task or as a separate task for every person in the assignee group.
  • Separate task lists are available for open, completed and recurring tasks.
  • Recurring tasks can be scheduled to occur on a daily (every day, weekdays), weekly, monthly and annual basis.
Create a recurring task pattern, select multiple recipients based on predefined teams or sites

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