Zebra Software is please to announce that ZEBSOFT® is now a registered trademark.

We registered the trademark ZEBSOFT® to strengthen our intellectual property as we expand ZEBSOFT® internationally, with offices in key locations along with multilingual support.

ZEBSOFT® is a fully featured Governance, Risk and Compliance management software platform, originally built to support compliance standards such as ISO, Automotive, Aerospace, NSI Gold etc.

Our design philosophy is to make compliance standards easy to understand & manage.

A few of ZEBSOFT®’s key features:

  • Audit Program management, including quick on the go auditing with checklists, corrective action management etc.
  • Risk management, evaluation and allocation
  • Legal & compliance management
  • Document Control with versioning, archives, authorisations
  • Equipment and Asset management with maintenance (including calibration & inspection) planning
  • People management, job roles & functions
  • Internal meetings management
  • Full support for ISO 9001 ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 with specific modules and features

This is just a very small list of the features, it can do a lot more, so why not book a demo today and see how ZEBSOFT® could help your business.