Handle organic growth by implementing ISO9001

Businesses are often referred to by stakeholders as “my baby”. Let’s use this as start point for the explanation of why ISO is an essential tool for business growth.

A business if compared to a growing child has parallels; in the child we have young bones, as the child grows its bones need to grow and strengthen. When the child’s bones go through the process of growth it often results in growing pains.

Similarly in business, when a business grows the processes within the business, need to grow and strengthen. A child would not be able to grow with the bones it was born with so why would a business be able to grow with the processes is it was born with?

When a business starts its usually small in relation to its competitors. As a small business it’s very easy to create simple, non fussy processes, that meet requirements. As the business grows so does our confidence in our capabilities as business owners.

Now comes the problem…. You used to know everything, now you don’t. The business has reached adolescence and started to grow beyond your physical ability to control the daily activities, your managers do what they are asked, yet one question keeps raising its head;

“Why do things keep happening?”

The answer is uncontrolled growth!

Often, we see a situation where the processes are unable to grow at the same speed as the business, this in turn causes slowdowns in the way we conduct the business and also adds to the stress of managing the business.

Implement an ISO9001 Management System

An ISO9001 management system is the best business plan ever devised. However it often gets a bad reputation for cumbersome, documented procedures and paperwork. This is simply not true!

ISO9001 is commonly misrepresented, misinterpreted and misunderstood leading people to think its masses of unnecessary paperwork that would only serve to hinder the processes of the business. If you think this, you haven’t had the benefit of speaking to people who have the appropriate knowledge and experience. ISO actively encourages businesses to adopt the process approach, and to provide conformity to the standard through the actions taken during normal daily processes.

If you are looking to reduce the pain associated with the growth of your business now is the time to introduce ISO9001 and it’s principles, as it is guaranteed to provide the structure and methodology that you require to succeed in your given Marketplace.

If your business is suffering from growing pains, ISO is the easiest pill you will ever swallow if you want to achieve success!