An organisation is the assembly of a group of components that form the whole.

Due to the many aspects involved and the skill sets required to operate, we have to exercise control over all aspects in a way that maintains the forward direction of the organisation.

Identification of the essential elements required to enable us to provide our products and services, is often overlooked. As the elements themselves are in constant use and subject to constant change. Let’s consider these elements’; they are our people, infrastructure, equipment, documents, external providers/sub-contractors and the processes supported.

Commonly the essential elements to be controlled are in a fragmented format, this can cause issues when a interdependent process is let down by a failure elsewhere. Identifying the elements accurately and establishing the baseline provides the opportunity to move forward from a given point in time when we crystalise their status.

ZEBSOFT provides a centralised platform that allows access to records, giving the ability to maintain them and communicate issues to others effectively, prior to a failure occurring, it also enables those who need it, complete oversight to monitor and plan for future requirements. This ensures the organisation can perform and reach its intended outcome.

The setting of realistic organisational goals and objectives, that have assigned responsibility and performance monitoring, the goal becomes the strategic direction and the objectives become the steps we must make in order to reach the goals.