All organisations have to be in control of their activities & compliance & for many years they have been using ISO standards to demonstrate this control.

Our experience is that the systems used to affect this control are themselves ineffective. The problem is the construction of the system, often paper based or a poorly organised electronic file system.

Zebsoft is the most comprehensive & simple to use system on the market.


  • You have multiple areas or sites working independently
  • Your management system isn’t a part of your business
  • Your system is old and out of date, yet it continues to be used
  • Your system has grown in to an uncontrollably
  • Your management system doesn’t add value to the business
  • Investigations & audits are stressful and drawn out when evidence is needed it’s hard to find


  • Simplified management system that promotes interaction
  • Communicate business compliance requirements effectively
  • Promote & cascade continual improvement in your business
  • Actively fill your compliance gaps.
  • Create user interaction in your management process
  • Integrates feedback in your management system
  • Systematic approach to risk identification and management
  • No unneeded content
  • Demonstrate all your compliance and provide evidential weight


Risk exists in all businesses, when thinking about risk people start to think of health and safety. Whilst this is a risk in some organisations, for most its is a lesser requirement. When we addressing risk start by identifying the things in your business that can go wrong and what the effect of this will be. Effective risk management depends on effective identification, risk is present in every part of every process conducted & will always exist even if we are aware of it. Once we have gone through the process of identifying our risk, we can create our risk treatment plan.

Zebsoft Risk Management

  • Identification of risk
  • Contingency planning
  • Testing of contingency plans
  • Linking of risk to operational processes
  • Linking of risk to legal & regulatory compliance
  • Management of risk factors
    • Business
    • Process
    • Residual
    • Acceptance
  • Scheduled review of risk
  • Opportunities derived from risk


Organisation; the assembly of a group of components that form the whole, we have to control all aspects to maintain forward direction.

  • Zebsoft business management
  • Set business goals & objectives the allocation of responsibility & monitoring of performance
  • Manage Roles; Reporting, Responsibilities, Authorities, Skills, Training & Competency & Licences & Certificates
  • Manage; Infrastructure, Condition Monitoring, Plan Maintenance & Calibration of measuring equipment
  • Control documentation; System controlled editing, Electronic signing of compliance documentation, Management of signed documents, System driven signing reminders & ISO documents
  • Define operational processes; Process mapping & Process ownership
  • Control externally provided; Products, Processes & Services, External provider register, Visual Performance indicator & Historic performance evaluation
  • Identification of and ability to act on opportunity


Zebsoft presents itself in a simple to use format that provides top management with good information, provides the functionality to drive the system without having to invest heavily in human resource required to manage the system. Communication is the essential driving force behind the system, used effectively it generates understanding & co-operation, that’s the foundation basis of continual improvement.

  • Zebsoft improvement management
  • Audit programme, System setup, Auditor allocation, Process Owner notification, Programme status indicators & Dashboard monitoring
  • Audit Results, Audit report, Advanced auditing options, Identification of non-conformity, Root cause analysis, Setting of corrective action, Allocation task related to findings & dashboard monitoring
  • Management review, Create custom agendas, Ability to conduct over a period of time, Results fed to next review, Setting of tasks arising & Historic review facility
  • Feedback, User entry at all levels, Review of feedback received, Responding to feedback & Setting of tasks related to feedback
  • Management of Change, User requested change at all levels, Review of requests received, Evaluation of possible improvement, Feedback of results & Setting of tasks related to change
  • Evaluation, Definition of measurement Metrics, Responsibilities for measuring, Defining of measurement criteria & Review of measurement requirements