Are people telling where you need to go but not giving you direction?

Standards & compliance management has one very specific aspect to it that can be incredibly hard to get a grip of.

We are talking about is OBJECTIVITY.

Standards and compliance documents are written from a directive yet none prescriptive stand point, lets break that down into layman’s terms:

If a standard was a set of directions, it would tell you where to be but not tell you how to get there. The reason is the route and turns you make are your choice, they may be subject to certain rules, no U-turns, speed limits & direction of travel have you ever been the wrong way up a motorway? If you break those rules you will be subject to penalty, in compliance this would be the failure of an audit.

The question this raises is who is helping you to take the right road? Sadly the answer is nobody in the compliance world, not even the kind suggestions made by a well meaning assessor.

Finding a route to drive has dramatically changed over the years, it use to be paper maps & road signs. Now we use a device called a Sat-Nav, that will warn you when making that wrong turn towards the oncoming traffic & suggesting the quickest route from A to B.

The ZEBSOFT system is a Sat-Nav for business, compliance & standards. The system is built to guide you like a Sat-Nav suggesting the next turn, yet you still decide the route you want to take. The system will guide you intuitively to make sure you have observed all the sign posts ensuring you reach your destination safely & on time.

If you want to drive your business to success but want to enjoy the ride, let ZEBSOFT take the strain and keep you informed of when you need to make that turn & save time by taking a shorter route.