ISO9001 (Quality Management System) is achieved by following the rules laid down in the standard, although these rules are the same for organizations. The way in which those rules are applied is different in all organizations. If you read too much on the subject you will get bogged down with confusion so let’s keep it simple.

Achieving ISO9001 is a simple process, so in simple terms here it is:

  1. You have an organization/ business
  2. You have a method of doing things.  This is what we call your business process
  3. You need a policy
  4. You need objectives
  5. You need an explanation of your business
  6. You need a definition of what it is you do
  7. You need to direct workers
  8. You need to check what you do
  9. You need to review what you do
  10. You need to correct thing that are wrong
  11. You need to plan the way forward
  12. You need to know who is and why they interested in your business
  13. You need to know what risks are associated with what you do
  14. You need to communicate and be communicated with effectively
  15. You need to stay within the law
  16. You need to control documentation
  17. You need to control equipment used for measurement

The solution is ZEBSOFT

What you need is a management system that’s presented so that a third party (Certification Body) can say if your organization meets the needs of the ISO Standard.

All organizations have management systems, without one they wouldn’t be able to function, good, bad, or indifferent it’s still a system. You just need to organize the pieces into a picture.

You need good advice so that you don’t head off in the wrong direction, our system will 100% prevent this from happening.  ZEBSOFT will keep you on track, simple to use, easy to understand and efficient.